McHenry Venaani was born on 8 September 1977 in Windhoek and is married to Cloudina Venaani since 2005 and has 2 children. He is the party President of the DTA. At the time of appointment to National Assembly in 2002, Venaani was Namibia’s youngest ever MP. Venaani was placed on DTA’s Electoral List prior to the 2009 General Elections, but the party did not receive enough votes for his re-election. In the 2013 DTA elective central committee meeting, Venaani defeated Kaura (Former DTA President) 96-52 and assumed the party presidency. When Kaura was expelled from the DTA in February 2014, Venaani also took over his seat in Parliament. His party’s 2014 election manifesto promises to tackle many challenges that Namibian youth face and you can download it from the DTA of Namibia website.